Paint, the Bible, and a Nest

Growing up I was the coloring doodling, art competition type. If there was an art supply you could name, I owned it. I learned to deconstruct build, cut and paste. I took pottery throwing class, joined the old women after church to learn to knit and centered my life on finding ways to create. Never focusing one thing but becoming a jack of all trades.

I knew just enough to be dangerous. 

I was also blessed with patients of a saint. My dad told me I should be an art teacher, that was until education budgets started getting cut and schools across America were slowing dismantling art programs.

Instead, I left for college in pursuit of a degree in Christian Education. That was a journey that lasted 2 years, cost $40,000 and amounted to a sense of enlightenment but not a future.

So I ended up back home and went to a private art school that amounted to more student loan debt and a BFA in Graphic Design.

Life Today

Five years later and almost 3o years old I’m an Art Director at a small marketing company in South East Michigan. I’m married, have a beautiful daughter, and I think almost every day I should have followed my dad’s direction. Still having the opportunity to cut, paste, and play with paint on a regular basis, and summers off doesn’t sound t0o bad. (My sister is a teacher and I’m a teeny bit jealous of that.)

Writing a blog has been an idea I’ve been playing with for awhile. I LOVE to create; I love the freedom of it. At work, there is not much raw creating. Most of my work is for companies that already have creative rules set in place. I need somewhere I can just let my creative juices flow.

This is my playground, and there are no rules – at least not for me.

You will get to experience first hand how I am building a place in the world for my creative freedom and my growing family.

Welcome to Our Nest.

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