About Stacey

Welcome to My Nest.

I’m a 31-year-old wife and mom, living in the suburbia of South East Michigan with my husband, Tyler, my daughter Lauren, and our Lab Mix, Axle.

Stacey and Tyler The best dog ever!

Life around here gets a little busy, my husband and I both work full-time during the day, and our evenings are spent playing with our daughter and making our (new to us) house our home.

But, when bedtime rolls around, and the house gets quiet (peace at last!) I get a little me time to unwind.  That’s why I decided to start The Burdge Nest.

The Burdge Nest is a place for me to share my ups and downs through my weight-loss journey, my quilting projects, design love, and of course my #momlife ramblings, and home life shenanigans.

More Than a Name.

You are probably wondering where the name ‘The Burdge Nest” comes from. Well the most obvious reason is that Burdge is our last name, and Burdge sounds like ‘bird’ (you know the part in Bambie when he is learning the names of animals “Bird, bird, bird, bird, bird!”)

Ok, ok, there is a little more.
So, before I met my husband I rented a bedroom from my aunt and uncle.  It was closer to college than my parents, and I did not have a curfew (freedom!).  I was always in and out of the house, from school to work, and out with friends, going all the time. I was mainly there to sleep and do homework. Eventually, they started calling me Stacey Bird because I was always flying in and out.

Today life is still busy.  I am still flying in and out our door, but I have a family of my own.  I have a nest.  In the late hours of the night, this is where I land and share a piece of my world. Be sure to check in frequently, as there is always something new to share.