This Sucks Boogers, a memoir of a congested nose.

Being a first-time mom can be a bit overwhelming, and scary. Not because you’re now responsible for a human being, but the things you will do to keep that little one safe and sound. 

When you become a parent your life instantly does a 180 – things you once found disgusting and foul is now your everyday norm. You are probably thinking “Really Stacey, you didn’t think you would have to change a poopy diaper?”  That’s not what I am talking about – no I’ve changed poopy diapers, plenty of them.

I’m talking about sucking boogers through a straw.

Google “top ten baby registry must-haves” and you will see this lovely gadget -the NoseFrida by fridababy


It is just what it looks like a plastic tube with a filter you put up to your babies nostril while you put the mouthpiece on the other end in your mouth and suck.

The little blue filter is replaceable – actually, you should replace it after every use. I call it the booger blocker it catches all the goober gunk so you do not suck it up in your mouth.

When I was making a list for our baby registry I DID NOT DARE put a NoseFrida on the list.  Just the thought of even doing that made me cringe.  I had plenty of ‘mom friends’ that recommended it, but still, I wasn’t giving in. I opted for the good old bulb syringe. My mom used it and I lived, it’s good enough for my daughter.

L was born in October so from the very beginning we were battling the oncoming Michigan winter. There was a 100% chance she would catch a cold at some point within the first 4 months of her life, and I was prepared – I had a bulb syringe in every room of the house as well as the saline spray, and children’s Tylenol stocked up.

At about 3 months old she came down with her first cold, the storm came and the lifeboats got us back to shore. A few weeks later we were not so lucky – The storm came and never left – She was so congested she sounded like a little freight train when she breathed. We had a 45 min bout with the bulb syringe and the gunk just kept coming and she just kept crying and crying – it was horrible.

The following day I bit the bullet.
I went to the store and picked up a NoseFrida and some replacement filters.

That night, my husband refused to watch, but I faced my fear. It took about 2 mins, but minimal crying and that tube was filled with more snot than I could have imagined – it was gross, like really nasty – but I would do it again.. in fact I have, numerous times. My girl could breathe and thats what mattered.

When parents say they would do anything for their child, they mean it. When I became a mom I suddenly had this overwhelming feeling of love.

Love with no limits – a love I would suck boogers for any day.

What have done for your kids that may be absolutely disgusting to others but is the new norm for you?

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