My Top 5 Baby Must Haves!

Babies are popping up left and right!

I know quite a few new moms and soon to be mommies and daddies. Since I am new to the scene as well, I get a lot of questions in regards to my baby must haves when it comes to raising Lauren. When I was pregnant I asked the same question,  I felt lost and afraid not knowing what to do, or what to register for.

My Top 5 Baby Must Haves:

1. A lightweight Travel System

To have a car seat that snaps into a stroller base is a saving grace, its easier than pulling a sleeping child out of the car seat just to buckle her into another seat.  The Travel System I bought came with a car seat base, a stroller base, the car seat and a stroller seat, that also turns into a pram ( very handy when you have a tired baby, that needs a decent nap on the go).

Everyone is different when it comes to choosing a travel System – I selected the GB Lyfe travel system based on the safety reviews of the car seat, the large wheels that make for a smooth ride, and the interchangeable seat. I didn’t need an extra car seat base, and that’s a good thing because buying a car seat base for this guy is half the price of the whole system!

2. A Diaper Bag that has space for everything!

When you take a little one anywhere it’s like packing for a month long vacation. You have to cover every basis and then some backup items just in case of an incident. That takes up a lot of space.

I personally like Fisher Price diaper bags, I have 2. One is a backpack and one is tote bag style, and both work great. They have special lined pockets for pacifiers, an insulated pocket for bottles, a refillable wipes container with access to the wipes from the outside, a place for mom’s and dad’s things like keys phone etc., and they both came with changing pads.
Here is the backpack we have.

3. The Nose Frida ( or snot sucker of your choice)

Lauren was born in October and here in Michigan, that is the cusp of decent fall weather and the bitter winter freeze. Being prepared for boogers and colds was at the top of my list. I stocked up on infant Tylenol saline spray bulb syringes. I found out one night that that was not enough and I had to pull out the big guns, I bought the Nose Frida. See the rest why I like the Nose Frida and read the rest of my story on my blog  This Sucks Boogers, a memoir of a congested nose.

4. Gripe Water

This stuff is magic! Lauren gets a gassy belly if she doesn’t burp well, or from eating too fast. A little gas goes a long when it comes to fussy babies – it’s just uncomfortable for them. With a bit of gripe water, you can hear the gas in her belly shift and with a few leg pumps, she is one happy girl.
Not only does gripe water help with gas, but also hiccups. If you have ever had hiccups you know how uncomfortable they can get, but with gripe water, they disappear.
I personally like Little Remedies brand the best – Little Remedies Gripe Water

5. A Pacifier Clip

Not every baby takes a pacifier, but my little Lauren does, especially when she is tired, and even more so now that she is teething (she chews on it more than sucks, to each their own I guess).  There will be a time when there is a child in the backseat crying for her ‘binky’ and you will be flailing your arms about in a panic trying to find it and drive at the same time. That was my experience anyway… Until I discovered the power of a pacifier clip, I clip that buddy right to her bib. If she spits her pacifier out it’s not on the floor or hiding away in the car seat, it’s attached. I just reach in the backseat, blindly navigate my hand to her bib, follow the clip to the pacifier and done!

Pacifier clips come in many different styles – here are some cute unisex ones I recently ordered from Amazon and love!

Those are my baby must haves, but every baby is different, and every mom is different. Hell, I bought eight muslin swaddle blankets because everyone told me that its a must have. How many times have I used them to swaddle Lauren, maybe twice?

Everyone is going to give you a different list of must have or can’t live without baby items. You will find that you list of needs is far different than others’.  I highly suggest research – and find what fits best. Don’t get an item or brand just because you were told to, not unless you have done your homework and know that it will fit your lifestyle and parenting method.

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