Grandpa-pa and My Little Chatterbox

Who is Grandpa-pa?

The truth, I’m not sure but I have an idea.

Last night as the household was settling down for the night, something out of the ordinary happened.

Our daughter (L) was playing with some toys in the living room, and my husband and I were watching one of those cooking competition shows, when suddenly out of nowhere L exclaimed: ” Hi Grandpa-pa!”

My husband and I looked at each other in confusion, and L sprang to her feet and headed to our room, she closed the door and started talking.


I went down the hall and listened for a few minutes… most was 2-year old babble that I couldn’t understand through the door, but there was a “yes”,  “no. no. no.”,  lots of laughs. As I slowly opened the door she turned to me and said, ‘Hi mama! Grandpa-pa is tickling feet.”

With little concern, I left the door open a gap and let her keep talking. She chatted and laughed for 30 minutes, before appearing in the living room and continued to play.

At bedtime, I snuggled her up, for our nightly routine of a story and rocking; she turned to me and told me “Grandpa-pa, so funny, he tickle feet.”

The Mystery of Grandpa-pa

So, who is Grandpa-pa and why am I not concerned?

You see L calls my husband’s father Pap-pap, and my uncle is Pa-pa. My father died 3 years and 2 months ago to this date, she never met him; but he would have been called Grandpa. That is who I truly believe is Grandpa-pa.

You see, ever since my dad has passed there are times I can feel that he is around, It’s a weird warm fuzzy feeling. That feeling of not being alone in a room, but a safe feeling at the same time. Often times I can smell him. Some people may think I am crazy, but all of my sisters, my mom, and even my aunt have had similar experiences. He checks in on his girls.

Last night before L said “Hi” to Grandpa-pa, I had that feeling. I could feel him in the room.

It often makes me sad when I think about how my dad never got to meet L and all of the memories that have not been made. But last night, gave me peace of mind. I can’t wait to share stories, of my Dad with L, and pass on the memories of him that I have.


Share your story:

Do you have a loved one that has passed that you often feel is present?
Has the loss of your parent(s) affected how you have raised your own child?


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