Beauty and the Bedtime Beast

Time: 8:30pm
Location: Lauren’s Room
Mission: Get the toddler to close her eyes, and stay closed.

2-year-old sleep regression is hitting our home hard lately. Its a battle every night, and coping is hard. Singing songs, rocking her in the glider, and a lot of crying goes on – bedtime is definitely a hard concept when you are a toddler that just wants to play. Around 9 pm ( a half hour past normal bedtime) I take a deep breath and remind myself – She is 2, this is natural, she wants to see what she can control…
Finally, she gets settled down, laying on the floor of her room next to me, she hums a tune and plays with her feet. I think I have defeated the beast.

9:45 hits: “Mama. I gotta go potty.” – does she really have to go, or is this a 2-year-old mind game. Wanting to support her as we are potty training, I take her to the potty. 2 seconds after her butt hit the potty she pees – a total of a teaspoon. She gets up, does her “potty dance” and like a cheetah; races out of the bathroom. I hear “Mama, you can’t find me!”

With tired eyes I wipe down the potty chair, wash my hands, take my anxiety pill, and grab a fresh pull up and a wipe. Slowly sneaking up on the slightly cracked closet door (someone’s favorite hiding spot) I hear a giggle and scream “You Found ME!”

Bear hugging her around the waist I wipe a wet butt and wrestle two little legs into the pull-up. Carrying her towards her room she cries. “NO MAMA, I snuggle your bed, I snuggle Daddy.”

I give up and give in.

Putting her down on our bed, Lauren crawls the middle, twirls her hair, and takes a deep breath. I turn on the bed-side table light and crawl under the covers next to her. She curls up next to me and brushes her little hand on my cheek as I read The Pout-Pout Fish. As I close the book, she closes her eyes.
“I tired Mama, night-night time yet?”
I sigh holding back my tired frustration.
“Yes, sweetie, it’s night-night time.”

Fast alseep.

In no time, she is snoring. I slip out of bed and make myself a cup of cocoa, switch the laundry, and do dishes.

Snuggled up on the couch, with a cozy blanket and the dog, I press play on the latest episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Misel

2 seconds later – I’m fast alseep.

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