VSG I'm Freezing

VSG – I’m Freezing

“I’m tired and I’m hungry, and my tail’s froze, and my nose is froze, and my ears are froze and my toes are froze.” 

 Lucky, 101 Dalmatians, 1961

It is currently negative cold as f*ck outside.

I live in Michigan, and for those of you reading this in the US know that we are having a polar vortex, something of the sort, sub-zero temperature storm. BUT – that’s not what I am going to talk about.

Since having the gastric sleeve VSG procedure in November, I have been cold. Like I want to wear gloves at all hours of the day and not look like a freak cold. I wish I were Diane Keaton right now…

Since surgery, I have started a nice collection of thick fuzzy socks, gloves, and flannel anything. I wish that this was something I knew about before surgery, I would have prepared better. Maybe I’d have taken up knitting.

For now, I will just dream of the beach on a warm sunny day… and snuggle under my down comforter, and flannel sheets, while wearing my fuzzy socks and fleece pajamas.

This is your warning.

So I did not get the cold memo, but now you have. So if you have had surgery, or are looking into getting a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy ( VSG ), I have included my “Winter is Coming ” list to help you prepare for the cold you will experience.

My goto – ‘Winter is Coming’
warm-up list.

  • Blankets, lots of blankets
  • Fuzzy Socks – I bought about 10 pairs from the dollar store.
  • Gloves, just the basic, 2 for $3 magic gloves are fine — another dollar store find.
  • Sugar-free or no sugar added Hot Cocoa mix. I am drinking some as I write. Sometimes I like to add sugar-free cool whip as well… YUM! ( Want to make your own sugar free cocoa Hersey’s has an easy and tasty recipe.
  • If you’re not into chocolate, stop reading my blog… Just kidding! Sometimes I’m not in the mood for cocoa so I brew up a little tea, with a drop of honey added, whatever tea you choose, make sure it is caffeine-free. Caffeine causes dehydration, and ulcers – not fun when your tummy is tiny. ( My tea of choice is Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer Tea)
  • A hot bath or shower is always nice when I am really cold, to add a bit of relaxation into the mix and to get my blood moving, Lavander Epsom Salt does the trick, for showers try a shower puck. ( I get Dr.Teal’s)
  • A space heater – I put this in my bathroom while I take a bath to keep it nice an cozy in there, and it keeps it toasty when I get out of the water.
  • A Dog!Axle is my favorite couch buddy, and he will gladly snuggle up and lay on my feet when asked.

What are your favorite ways to stay toasty?

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